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Win Sports Free Software

We have been developing and marketing affordable high-performance sports software since 1987. Our sports software is now used throughout the world for tennis racquetball squash tournaments, leagues, ladders, and rankings. Users include sports clubs, "Y"s, youth organizations, recreation departments, schools, military recreation, prisons, tennis/racquetball/squash associations, and others associated with sports programs. Sports software that previously sold for hundreds of dollars now can be downloaded FREE.

Our software has been designed specifically for sports programs, and is the most versatile and complete set of sports software available. The tennis/racquetball/squash tournament scheduling software will save you up to 90% of the time and effort, and produce great results. The league scheduling and double elimination programs are suitable for all sports. The mixer program is used for rotating partner doubles events. The ladder program is ideal for running ladders and keeping the statistics.

The ranking and rating programs are very flexible and suitable for many activities. The matchup program helps find partners, and has other applications. The EZDB program is very useful for databases and mailing lists. We urge you to try our high-performance, easy-to-use, FREE software.

NOW YOU CAN   DOWNLOAD  FREE  SOFTWARE,  and   free documentation

: The software has been designed to clarify and simplify running the programs. Based on the free software and free documentation page counters, only about 1/7 of the people visiting the free software page also visit the free documentation page. This indicates about six out of seven use the software without any instructions. We get very few questions about how to use the programs, and no complaints about any software bugs.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The FREE high-performance sports software that you download are complete programs, that are equal to (or better than) programs often costing hundreds of dollars elsewhere. The programs that you download are not demos; they are the latest versions of the fully functional programs we have sold worldwide since 1987.   All the programs are FREE to try and FREE to use.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or problems. We appreciate your comments and suggestions.

DOS SOFTWARE: Our DOS software runs well under Windows. The software is easy to use and does its designed tasks very well. Some programs have no comparable software elsewhere. Your options are to buy some fairly expensive Windows sports software, or try our free DOS sports software. In many instances, our software will outperform the costly Windows software. In some cases, our software will perform tasks other software cannot. We hope you try our software. You will be very pleased when you see the results. We appreciate your comments and suggestions.  DOS DEATH? [Using Windows 7 with our DOS software is discussed in Windows and running DOS Programs.]

DOS software is faster, more efficient, smaller,  and more reliable than Windows software.  Good explanation: http://www.rkom.com/dos.htm

RESERVATION/SCHEDULING SOFTWARE,  click here for more information. 

NEW INSIGHTS into how our lives are affected by lawyers, courts, politicians, lobbies, scams, taxes, etc., etc., etc. Please browse our page on LAWYERS and our page on SOCIETY. Your comments are welcome.

FINDING WHAT YOU WANT: The menu below lists all the software available. Click on the program of interest for a detailed description. To download desired free software, click on the FREE Software link on the top of each page, or some other location on some pages. On the FREE Software page, click on the name of the program to download and save it on your computer. Then, click on the FREE Documents link at the top of the page, or elsewhere. Again click on the name of the program to download and save the instructions on your computer. You may want to print the instructions, or you can view them in a word processor or wordpad. There is a Windows-DOS link for a page that explains how to run DOS software under Windows.  



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Click here to send E-mail now. Please include software or other words in the subject of the e-mail to clearly show it is not spam. Thanks.

AOL: You probably have heard many bad things about AOL. Unfortunately, they probably are true. We have had problems sending e-mail, access to our web site, our web site being down, web site files lost, the counters wrong and AOL unable to fix their own counters, customer support that courteously does not address the problems, no way to get help from those with authority, unreasonable terms of service that interfere with our use of the internet, too many interruptions of internet connections, etc., etc. We started some web sites on AOL many years ago, so it is difficult to change URLs now, because we are well placed in the search engines. Changing e-mail addresses also can be a problem. We suggest you carefully select your ISP and make sure the price and service meet your needs, before you get locked in with them. Also, if you have a web site, you may want your own domain name. It is a little more expensive, but you have the flexibility of changing hosts without changing URLs. 

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