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This site probably has the largest variety of high-performance sports software; some programs previously sold for hundreds of dollars. All these programs now are available FREE for downloading. All software that you download are fully-functional programs, not demos.  These are the latest upgraded versions. Try any or all. We believe you will find the software very useful for your sports programs.

A description of each program can be found with the home page main menu, or the buttons at the top of the page. Click on the program name below to download the desired programs. Please e-mail if you have a problem running any program.  Go to the document page to download the instructions. You will be able to return to this free software page.

Our DOS software runs very well under Windows. For more information on how to easily use our software with a Windows operating system computer, click here:    Windows and running DOS Programs

We are happy to answer your questions about our software, but would appreciate you reading the instructions before calling for help. Visit again in a few weeks to see if different programs may be available, or if there is an upgraded version.  We would greatly appreciate you sending an e-mail about where the software is being used and for what sports, plus any comments about the programs. Also, please tell other sports people and organizations about our software.

UPGRADES:  When a program is upgraded, the newest version  will be available free on this web site.  If you send an e-mail, stating the programs you are using, we will try to notify you when a new upgraded version is available. Also, please say where the software is being used, for what sports, and any other comments. We upgrade our software based on feedback from the users. It is important for you to tell us about any problems you may have, if anything is not clear, or to suggest ways to improve the software. Thank you.

Click here to send E-mail now.

For tennis, racquetball, squash, handball, and most racquet sports tournaments. Download both programs.
T123.EXE - (298K) tournament software data entry
T123DRAW.EXE - (250K) tournament software draw, scheduling, and reports

For use with T123 tournament software.
CRTLOG.EXE - (184K) court control sheets and labels
NOPLAY.EXE - (192K) control scheduling when players cannot play
SPREAD.EXE - (190K) players not meet in first round
MATCH2.EXE - (206K) first round loser consolation scheduling
FEEDIN.EXE - (220K) feedin quarter-finals consolation scheduling
TIMES.EXE - (190K) control scheduling of events
LIMIT.EXE - (182K) control rounds per day for events
PAID.EXE - (205K) entry fees accounting
SCORE.EXE - (207K) draw sheets with scores
DRAW.EXE - (195K) draw sheets without times
DRAW32.EXE - (194K) draw sheets with 32 players per page
EZSEED.EXE - (182K) easier seeding after data entered
SEARCH.EXE - (180K) search for specific data
SPLIT.EXE - (180K) split tournament by events
SEVER.EXE - (174K) divide draw sheets

MATCHUP.EXE - (237K) every club could use this program to match players with partners
LEAGUE.EXE - (109K) older simple league scheduler
LEAGUE2.EXE - (242K) league scheduling and management
WIN2.EXE - (138K) double and single elimination
EZDB.EXE - (266K) easy-to-use club/business/personal database, works with the tournament software
T123.FMT - (0.6K) for EZDB to work with the tournament software, creates same database format
SHHAR.FMT - (0.6K) for large EZDB database records, used for genealogy data and searches
LADR.EXE - (209K) challenge ladder management
RANK.EXE - (260K) rank singles and doubles teams
RANK2.EXE - (255K) rank doubles players individually
RATE.EXE - (251K) rate singles and doubles teams
MIXER.EXE - (236K) rotating partners doubles scheduling
SCHEDULE.EXE - (221K) schedule/reserve facilities and people

LJP.EXE - (50K) print files, convert dot matrix print files for laser printer
VU.COM - (1K) view files on your monitor

Go to the document page to download the instructions. You will be able to return to this free software page.

Click here to send E-mail now.

NOTE: We are asked why free?  We have been developing and marketing sports software since 1987. Our prime goal has been to see it used as much as possible. The technology of internet now allows us to distribute the software worldwide, easily, quickly, and inexpensively. This is the opportune time to let everyone use the software free. It costs you nothing to try and use the software. You benefit, and we get the satisfaction of knowing our software is used worldwide. The software has been used for most ball sports (baseball, football, softball, basketball, etc.), and most racquet sports (tennis, racquetball, squash, etc.), plus other sports (handball, table tennis, darts, curling, log birling, soap box derby). You undoubtedly will find a use for our software in your sports program.

Last update =    07/15/2015 06:59 PM

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