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The following is a discussion about running DOS programs on a Windows  operating system computer. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send an email. (Running DOS programs with a full screen  FULL )

DOS software is faster, more efficient, smaller,  and more reliable than Windows software.  Good explanation: http://www.rkom.com/dos.htm

All our software runs well under DOS or Windows. Most of the computers now use Windows. There are several ways to run our software under Windows. See the Windows instructions book for more complete information. If you have problems, look up "MS-DOS programs. troubleshooting" in the Help Index.
(For Windows XP info   XP )        (To uninstall/remove software)

1. SHORTCUT: An icon, representing a program, is placed on your computer screen; the program is started by using the mouse to click on the icon. The icon is created by going to My Computer, selecting the drive and directory, and using the right mouse button to drag the program icon to the desktop screen.

2. RUN: Click on the Start icon, then on Run. Enter the program name and path. If this had been done previously, scroll until the desired program is found. Then click on OK.

3. My Computer: Click on My Computer. Locate the folder containing the desired program. Double click on the program icon to start the program.

4. Windows Explorer: Click on Start, click on Programs, then click on Windows Explorer. Locate the folder containing the desired program. Double click on the program icon to start the program.

5. DOS: The software runs under DOS. Get a DOS prompt, go to the drive/directory of the program, enter the name of the program. The DOS prompt is obtained by:

a) F8: When your computer starts, a brief message "Starting Windows" appears. Be ready to act quickly; hit F8 (function key 8) to go directly to DOS without loading Windows. You the select 5 (Command prompt only) from the menu. This is the best way to run from a DOS prompt. To go to Windows, hit Ctrl-Alt-Del keys to restart computer.

b) DOS/Windows: You can get a DOS prompt after Windows has started. Click on Start, click on Shut Down, and click on Restart computer in MS-DOS mode. Enter EXIT to go to Windows. (Slow process)

Or, click on Start, click on Programs, and click on MS-DOS Prompt. This is faster, but you may get a relatively small window. Enter EXIT or click on the X (or -) to return to Windows.

To get a DOS prompt in Windows XP:  Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt     A smaller window will appear. Click on maximize (upper right) for larger window.

If you have problems ending your DOS program and returning to Windows, hit Ctrl-Alt-Del keys and "end task" for the DOS program.

Or, create a DOS shortcut icon (see above and below).

You also can include a program in the StartUp folder so the program starts when Windows starts; this does not seem very useful. A program icon can be moved to the Programs menus, selected from the Start menu. See Windows instructions book for more complete information. If you have problems, look up "MS-DOS programs. troubleshooting" in the Help Index.

SCREEN SIZE: The DOS software uses about half the screen. To use the full screen, start the program and right click on the name at the top. Select Properties, Display Options, and Full Screen. Use the menu to exit the program. You also can hit ALT-Enter for a full screen.

Return to the free software page to download more free software.

UNINSTALL: The DOS software does not install or change any Windows files. You simply delete any files that were downloaded. You can do this with DOS or Windows.

Start with a command prompt.
CD C:\SPORTS       (change directory, assuming SPORTS is the directory with software)   
DEL *.*     (delete all files in SPORTS directory)
CD  C:   
RD SPORTS   (remove SPORTS directory)
all software and data files have been deleted.

DEL TREE C:\SPORTS  (This one DOS command should work for Windows NT and prior, but has not been tested. Make sure you know exactly what it does and use it cautiously.)

Use Windows Explorer to remove SPORTS directory and its contents.
Select C drive
Right click on SPORTS
Select delete to remove directory.


Our software allows printing reports directly as they are created, or making print files. The print files can be edited and printed at a later time.

The print files are printed easily from DOS (see above for how to get DOS prompt). Enter
Of course, use the correct drive/directory. You also can use the DOS PRINT command, instead of the COPY command.

You can run the LJP.EXE program from WIN95 (see above). LJP was created to convert dot matrix print files to print on a laser jet printer (hence LJP). The program has been modified to print print files without conversion. Just enter LJP or LJP/D, and then enter the file name to print. This might be the simplest way to print the print files.

The print files are ASCII (text) files. You may be able to open the print file with a WIN95 program. Then click file and click print to print the file. One problem encountered with NOTEPAD and WORDPAD was some printer control characters were changed, adversely affecting the printing.

The WIN95 manual says you can drag the icon for your document onto a printer shortcut icon on your desktop. See the WIN95 manual for information about creating shortcuts.

With Windows XP, start Windows Explorer. Find the folder and file to be printed. Right click on the file name, and click on PRINT.
Volunteer Jeffrey Answers   (allexperts.com)

Subject   windows and dos
Question   I distribute free dos sports s/w on internet. The s/w runs under win95/98 fine.

However, I received the following e-mail:

"does your software run under windows or dos
as i now have windows 2000 and need to run using NTFS and not fat32
i can not run a dos program using NTFS"

1. Can you run dos programs under win2000 or nt? If so, how?

2. Will future versions of win98 run dos s/w?

Answer   Win,

First of all, I just ported my entire DOS based system to Windows 2000 where I wrote a menuing system and it runs under terminal services on NTFS just like a dream. So whoever wrote you is talking out their a...ole.

Win2k has a DOS emulator that will run 99% of DOS programs. It is the same as any other windows OS. Open up the MSDOS Prompt and run whatever you need. You can set up the same settings and icons as win9x. Nuff Said.

Windows ME is supposedly the last TRUE DOS-based OS (running on DOS 8.x) Windows 9x runs on DOS 7.x.

There are other DOS's on the market. You watch and see how fast Microsoft would backpedal if an OS could not run DOS. You could just run one of the other DOS programs.

Obviously the person writing to you has not a clue...



DOS DEATH?:  Supposedly, Windows XP operating system will appear in the next few years without the DOS shell. Millions of DOS users will be unable to run their DOS software. (Orange County Register, Business 4, 2/19/01)  If this occurs, you should make provisions to be able to run your DOS programs, especially the free sports scheduling software. Several options seem appropriate.
1. Make DOS boot disk for your computer.
2. Keep old computer with DOS compatible operating system.
3. Keep older Windows version (DOS compatible) on your computer.

Good news, maybe. We finally have a computer with XP. We tried the RUN command and, apparently, were able to run the ladder program. This indicates that our free DOS software will run under current versions of Windows. There was a problem trying to store data on the A: floppy drive, a Printer Problem error message appeared. We seemed to be able to use the C: drive. If you want a DOS prompt icon on your screen, search for cmd.exe. Then right click on that file, select properties, choose create shortcut. The easiest way is to create a shortcut icon on your monitor screen for a frequently used program. Simply click the icon and the program starts. To create the shortcut icon, use windows explorer or my computer to find the icon representing the desired program. Right click and select create shortcut. Reduce the window size if needed and drag the icon onto your monitor screen.  Please email news of your successes or failures to run the DOS programs under XP. Thanks.

For XP:
1. Use start to search files for cmd.exe
2. File is in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32
3. Double click black logo that looks like a key and says CMD
That will produce DOS prompt. To exit DOS and return to Windows,
enter EXIT
4. You can put a DOS icon on your screen by right-clicking on CMD 
logo, create shortcut, and drag to monitor screen. 

FOR XP (& Win2000):

1. click on   start
2. select   run
3. enter       command (or command.com)
4. will get DOS window
5. enter EXIT to exit DOS and return to Windows

ou can open a Command Prompt window in Vista in all the same ways that you can in Windows XP (above). You can use the Command Prompt shortcut on the Start menu or you can type CMD in the Run dialog box. VISTA does not support ALT-Enter for a full screen.


Open the Start Menu.  Click on All Programs, Accessories, and on Command Prompt. Unfortunately, Windows 7 does not support our 16-bit software. There appears to be three options.

1. The simplest option is to use an older computer with XP, or an earlier Windows version. This would be the simplest way to use our DOS software for most of your sports needs. You, or a friend,  probably have an older computer that is due for replacing. Keep it for your tournaments.

2. It is possible to install XP (or an earlier version) in addition to  Windows 7. This can get complicated.

3. There is a DOS simulator program, DOSBox  (probably others also). This can be downloaded free from http://www.dosbox.com, and other web sites. Install and run the program. You get a prompt, and enter the data as shown below:
Z:\> mount c c:\sports    [name of folder with sports programs]
C:\>     [change to C drive, you will be in SPORTS, the folder with sports programs]
C:\> T123.EXE [enter desired program-name]

The programs will run normally. DOSBox help is on the screen, if needed. You can enter ALT-Enter for a full screen, but there could be a screen background color problem.  You may have to practice a little, but DOSBox seems to work fairly well.

Oracle Virtual Box also is an option. Free download and instructions on internet.   https://www.virtualbox.org/

XP System Restore: Both CD readers became inoperable. We could not reload any software, because all was on CD. The solution was to RUN MSCONFIG (from START and RUN), select System Restore and then select a previous date when the computer was running properly. Worked great! Similar to "undo" in many programs.


Click here to download a free copy of LJP.EXE

Click here to send E-mail now Please include software or other words in the subject of the e-mail to clearly show it is not spam. Thanks.

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