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TENNIS 1>2>3 IS A COMPLETE TOURNAMENT SOFTWARE SYSTEM AND CAN BE USED WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE. No other programs are required for TENNIS 1>2>3. However, add-on programs have been developed to expand the uses of TENNIS 1>2>3 before, during, and after tournaments. TENNIS 1>2>3 is needed for all the add-on programs.  Sometimes T123 must be run first, and the results used for some add-on programs. Some add-on programs must be run prior to making a tournament schedule. See the instructions for each program.


***AUTOMATIC SCHEDULING: T123 automatically schedules all matches through the finals. The programs NOPLAY, TIMES, LIMIT, AND SPREAD allow you to better control the scheduling and are the most useful add-on programs.  (Use before making schedule.)
***CONSOLATION ROUNDS: MATCH2 (primarily for racquetball) and FEEDIN (mostly for tennis) schedule the loser brackets. FEEDIN can be used for double-elimination, with the last round scheduled manually. (Use after making schedule.)
***DRAW SHEETS: T123 produces nice draw sheets. DRAW32 and SCORE produce different format draw sheets. (Use after making schedule.)


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Add-On Programs for Tennis/Racquetball Tournament Software

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*** 1. NOPLAY: Controls when any (problem) player will not be scheduled to play. A player can have several NOPLAY time periods for each day. You have complete control of the automatic scheduling so no players will be scheduled to play at inconvenient times.

*** 2. TIMES: Controls when any event can be scheduled. Several allowable time periods are permitted for each event for each day. You can control the daily scheduling for the earliest that an event can start, when an event must end, between what times an event must be played, and entire days when an event will not be scheduled. You have complete control of the automatic scheduling of each event.

*** 3. LIMIT: Controls the maximum number of rounds per day that players can be scheduled in any event. Each event can have a different limit. This is particularly applicable to junior and senior events. LIMIT, NOPLAY, and TIMES all work together with the no-conflict automatic scheduling.

*** 4. SPREAD: Separates selected unseeded players in the draw so they will not meet in the first round. Players will be not play each other if they have the same separation code. Separation codes can represent clubs, schools, cities, etc. ZIP codes also can be used to separate players. You can specify the number of digits of the ZIP code to be used. Doubles partners, who also play in the same singles event, can be separated too. A report produces a list of players for each of the separation codes.

*** 5. SEARCH: Produces lists of players, selected by criteria that you choose. You can make a list of all players who have not paid, or players that are from the same club, area, or school. The players can be selected by their ZIP codes or by data in the three message fields.

*** 6. DRAW32: Produces draw sheets with 32 players per page and allows player name and/or match time changes. TENNIS 1>2>3 makes the draw for up to 256 players in each event and produces easy-to-read draw sheets with 16 players per page. DRAW32 doubles the data on each draw sheet page, so there are 32 players and five rounds per page.

*** 7. SCORE: Produces draw sheets with match scores for posting and/or submission to the sanctioning agency. SCORE enables you to select the winner of a match and to enter the match scores for the draw sheets. Match times are not shown on these draw sheets; use DRAW32 for match time draw sheets. Player names are entered only once for TENNIS 1>2>3, not again for SCORE. You can change player names and/or match scores. The draw sheet format is 32 players per page.

*** 8. DRAW: Produces TENNIS 1>2>3 draw sheets with 16 players per page, but without the match times. This facilitates making schedule changes or manually scheduling. The draw sheets can be changed or edited with your word processor, and then printed.

*** 9. CRTLOG: Produces court control sheets listing every court for every match time for every day, and showing all scheduled matches (event name, round, draw sheet position, and player names). During the tournament, you enter the court site, the time a match starts, the time a match ends, the winner, and the scores. You easily see which matches are completed, being played, or upcoming, and which courts are in use, are available, or will be needed. CRTLOG also produces labels with event and player data for the standard court control sheets (court schedule charts). At the completion of your tournament, you have a complete log of all matches and the results. CRTLOG is the best tournament organizer available anywhere, and is exclusive with TENNIS 1>2>3.

*** 10. SPLIT: Divides TENNIS 1>2>3 data into groups of events, so each group can be scheduled separately, after you know the number of participants in each event. Facilitates scheduling by age groups, skill levels, court locations, etc. SPLIT can be used to remove events from draw.

*** 11. SEVER: Divides large draw sheet print file into separate files for each event, for easier editing and printing draw sheets for individual events.

*** 12. FEEDIN: Creates draw sheets for feedin consolation bracket. A feedin consolation event "feeds in" losers (through the quarter-finals) from the winners' bracket to meet USTA requirements. Consolation draw sheets show the player positions on the winners' bracket draw sheets. Draw sheets show all byes and match times through the consolation finals.

*** 13. MATCH2: Creates draw sheets for consolation bracket. Two formats are available: 1) first round losers only; 2) guaranteed two matches, first round losers and second round losers if they had a first round bye. Consolation draw sheets show player names and positions on the winners' bracket draw sheets. Draw sheets show all byes and match times through the consolation finals.

*** 14. EZSEED: Facilitates seeding players after TENNIS 1>2>3 player data had been entered. All seeds for each event are shown on the screen simultaneously for fast and easy seeding changes.

*** 15. PAID: Calculates total entry fees for each player. Stores amount paid by each player. Determines if any players owe money. Report shows for each player: money paid, money owed, events, and first round match times. Screen shows each player's fee status, and the total tournament fees collected and owed. Simplifies collecting fees and reduces revenue losses.

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