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The comments we receive from users of our software basically say that they are delighted with the results, and the software is very easy to use. We estimate that thousands of programs have been downloaded, yet we have received very few requests for help. We have attempted to make our software almost self-explanatory, and apparently have succeeded. We also try to make the user interface similar for all of our software. Become familiar with one program, and you should be familiar with the other programs.

Below are a few of the comments that we have received.

1. Used EZDB database program same day without needing the instructions.
    (Charles Sadler, SHHAR webmaster, Anaheim, CA)

2. T123 easy to use and schedules well. I will continue to use it and encourage others.
    (P. K., Oklahoma State Racquetball Assn.)   

3. "Wow, as a league commissioner, tournament director, tennis promoter, website manager, I must say I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied with League! I now know where to look for all my tennis tournament and league software needs."
     (J. F., 1stserve webmaster, FL)

4. We have been using T123 since 1990 for our racquetball tournaments, and would like the latest version for our next tournament.
    (Wichita Falls YMCA, TX)

5. I have been using T123 since 1995 for my tennis tournaments. I had no problems with the new version and will continue to use T123.    
    (J. S.,  Peter Burwash Tennis, Fiji)

6. Rank, Win2, and League2 are all working fine.
    (M. H., Irish Racquetball Assn., Ireland)

7. I have been using T123 since 1993 for my tennis tournaments. I have told Tennis Canada and the Ontario Tennis Assn. about T123.
    (Frank  Marcus, Brampton, ON, Canada)

8. "In my club we use RANK and all members are very satisfied."
    (S. P., Livorno Tennis Club, Italy

9. We love MATCHUP. We use it for a variety of activities, and the search works well.
    (J. N., Racquet Club of Pittsburgh, PA)

10. "We have just started using your program T123 and I must say that we have found it extremely useful. We have saved an incredible amount of time running our annual club championship with it."                                    
(D. P., Hellenic Tennis Club, Harare
, Zimbabwe)

11. I am a coordinator for a division of a 2nd Grade Boys basketball program in Centreville, VA. One of the jobs that comes with this illustrious position is that I get to develop the schedule for the division. Wanting to do this as easily as possible, I went to the Internet to find an automated system. After a little searching I found this really slick looking Windows 98-based demo program that would allow me to keep all kinds of neat information in the application as long as I did it in 20 accesses of the system. No problem I thought. Ha! After trying at least 10-15 times over a week or more, I was no closer to having a reliable schedule.
Then I figured that doing it by hand would be the best way. I plugged away for a while on this with my mind working way harder than I should have had to for something that is supposed to be for enjoyment.
So, I went back to the Internet to search one more time. I found two more programs worth looking into. I downloaded another Windows program, but when I opened it, it was more messed up than the first one. I could not even see half of the screen. 
Then there was this other DOS program (YOURS). At least it loaded! It looked absolutely antique! Oh well, I might as well try it. No more than ten minutes later, I now have exactly what I need. There is something to be said for simplicity. Thank you for providing a program that does what it is supposed to-not more, not less. 
(S. R., Basketball program, Centreville, VA)

12. http://www.texasarchery.org/L1/DocumentsRecords.htm       Tournament Software    for ARCHERY
This is a single zip file with a series of DOS-based (ie, simple) compilation of software that will let you print rosters, shooting sheets, double-elim, round-robins, etc. The original programs are from http://win4sports.com.     DOCUMENTS for these files are here

13. Dear Win4Sports,
I would like to express my gratitude for your site and the software that you are providing to the general public. I am a Computer Science Student in Melbourne, Australia and I am currently going through the process of starting a snooker and pool club at our University campus. However, I'm sure that you can understand that even programming my own software from scratch was a daunting task, simply because of my lack of time, but in finding your site, methinks I have also found a goldmine! The ladder software was exactly what I was looking for, and also I will be dealing with competitions later on, so the Tournament software will be extremely useful! Thank you for publishing this software and I wish you all the best!
Tim McCoy

14. I bought the T123 and LEAGUE2 programs in 1995 and use them almost every day. I would like to get the latest versions. (Mike Hadden, Racquet Club, Ohio)

15. Hello.  I am Alex, emailing you from Ethiopia.  I am running the Greek Club tennis facilities in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this year and we are looking for free tennis ladder / tennis tournament programs to make us look more organized and professional. (10/30/04) .....All the members of the Greek tennis club in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia would like to send a big thanks to you for the software.  We have started using it and it is wonderful!  So simple and easy.  Could you also send us the program (T123.EXE & T123DRAW.EXE)to organize knock-out tournaments?  Thanks a heap and my best, Alex, Grk. Clb. Tennis (11/4/04)

16. I've just started running Ladr.exe for the Rakaia Squash club in the Canterbury area of the South Island of New Zealand. I really found it easy to set up and get reports out. Thanks. Signed Ross from NZ (2/9/05)

17. I bought WIN2.EXE 16 years ago, and have been using it so much that the disk is almost worn out. It is easy to use. I will download the latest free version.    The Federal Prison Camp (FPC) - Seymour Johnson in Goldsboro, North Carolina (5/20/05)

18. LEAGUE was reviewed on page 94 of the March 1989 issue of JOPERD (Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance). The following excerpts are from the review:
"LEAGUE is a software program which may be helpful for physical education, recreation and intramural professionals involved in scheduling tournament play. ... The screen layout is neat in appearance... Changing information is easy... ...there are few problems. The computer does random scheduling for each round so there are no biased results. ...the program assimilates all data and quickly organizes the results. ... The software does what it says it will do very quickly."

19. NATIONAL RACQUETBALL magazine (June 1989, page 31) had high praise for the tournament at the Manchester (NH) Court Club: "Despite the awesome task of scheduling such a large number of matches at 45 minute intervals, the tourney was right on schedule...A sincere round of compliments is deserved by all those involved..." TENNIS 1>2>3 tournament software was used to schedule 438 matches on 448 court times during the 2 1/2-day weekend tournament. The scheduling constraints included: no conflicts, no consecutive match times, times certain players could not play, and times certain events should be scheduled. As the article stated, it was an "awesome task of scheduling", but TENNIS 1>2>3 automatically made an excellent tournament schedule and complete draw sheets.

20. I just read your site better and I need the Mixer software. Iíd love to try that!!! We will have 40 people but the top 8 wonít be playing with the bottom 8Ö.is that possible?? Itís leveled play but we have some 2.5s that donít want to play the upper levels in the league?? Thanks for any help you can give!
Shannon Pruski,
  Midland Womenís Tennis League Coordinator  (7/18/2008)
21. I was trying to find your mixer program again? Used it last  year and it was very helpful.  Can you lead me to it? (8/18/09)  [We had changed websites.]

22. I have been running Tournaments for different Sports, and the Software was working great.   John Scott, West Palm Beach, FL, 7/6/16

Your comments are appreciated.

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