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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have demo software? ---- No longer necessary. NOW YOU CAN  DOWNLOAD FREE SOFTWARE, and free documentation.
2. Can you give names of satisfied users? ---- Yes we can, but rarely do, to respect the privacy of our customers. We have been selling sports software worldwide since 1987, and are well known by most sports organizations. See  user comments  for more info.
3. Is the software compatible with Win95? ---- Yes, all the software will run under DOS, Windows 3.XX, or Windows 95, with "how-to" documentation included. Click here for more information about Win95 (plus later Windows versions) and DOS Programs. All our software has been written for DOS, with menus that guide the data entry (no mouse needed). You never have to wonder what to do next or where to click next. You make a selection from a menu or give a short answer to a simple question on the screen. The software guides you all the time and continually checks for correct responses. We have attempted to make it as easy as possible for you to run your sports programs.
4. How can we order the software? ----

5.How long will the free software be available? Until further notice. We reserve the right to revoke this offer at any time, without prior notice.
6. Rarely asked, but you should know. ---- The software no longer is copy protected. It easily is installed to a hard drive, or will run from a floppy disk.
7. What if I have problems? ---- Support is free. Please download and read the free documentation before contacting us. If you still need help, tell us about the problems. Record any error messages. We will do our best to ensure your satisfaction. We are easy to work with.
8. What about UPGRADES? ---- Upgrades will be available on this web site.  The latest versions can be downloaded free. If you send an e-mail, stating the programs you are using, we will try to notify you when a new version is available. Also, please say where the software is being used, for what sports, and any other comments.  We upgrade our software based on feedback from the users. It is important for you to tell us about any problems you may have, if anything is not clear, or to suggest ways to improve the software.
9. How about overseas support? ---- E-mail has pretty much eliminated this problem. We keep our overhead low, so we do not make phone calls to foreign countries. However, we find e-mail a very effective means of communication, and you cannot beat the price (FREE).
10. Will the software work on a Mac computer? ---- Possibly, if your Mac runs DOS programs. Virtual PC software enables Macs with PowerPC microprocessors to run DOS programs. There is very limited sports software for a Mac. Most people have access to IBM computers, even though they may prefer a Mac. Several Mac users have purchased our software to use on the club computer. One tournament director even bought his own IBM specifically to run our software.
11. To uninstall/remove software.


If you have ever considered using the computer for your sports programs, this could be your best and least expensive opportunity.  Very adequate 386 or 486 computers are available for $100 or less. We bought an Epson XT for $5 at a church rummage sale. All of our DOS software runs very well on older inexpensive computers. Thus, for as little as $5, you can download our free software and use an older computer for your sports program. Even Mac users should consider this option. You can use a separate inexpensive computer with our free software to meet most of your tournament and sports needs.

Click here to send E-mail now. Please include software or other words in the subject of the e-mail to clearly show it is not spam. Thanks.

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