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TENNIS 1>2>3 (T123) now is much easier to use and produces better results:

1. Eleven programs have been seamlessly integrated.
2. Easier better faster data entry and editing.
3. More player data available.
4. New faster better file formats.
5. You can work on several tournaments at the same time.
6. Complete flexibility where data files are stored.
7. Software installation and startup quick and easy. (DOS files are no longer required.)
8. Better testing of entered data.
9. Easier selection of type of printer.
10. More and better reports.
11. Easier production of mailing labels.
12. Easier transfer of data from associated EZDB database, now included with T123.
13. Capability to easily back-up data files.
14. All draw reports now automatically created.
15. Easier to print draw reports.
16. Add-on programs upgraded and improved.
17. Six-character ZIP code for our Canadian friends.
18. Repair capability to protect data entered.
19. Works with DOS and with Windows.
20. Works on all IBM-compatible computers, including laptops/notebooks.
21. Documentation now on the disk, to view and/or print.
22. New lower prices.

You will be amazed how easy T123 now is to use, almost point-and-shoot. A Los Angeles tournament director got the new T123 version running in about 10 minutes, with some phone help. He said, "This is easy." That was the main objective of the new version. A Gillette (WY) tournament director called Wednesday for a tournament that weekend. She paid for Fedex to get T123 Thursday. She made the draw and had the match times ready that night. An Orem (UT) racquetball tournament director downloaded T123 and used it that night. She said the results were "fabulous".

You should seriously consider using T123 for your next tournament. T123 has been used successfully for hundreds (perhaps thousands) of large and small tournaments throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa. We estimate that T123 will reduce the time needed by 80% to 90%, and produce much better results. We believe that T123 is the best tennis/racquetball tournament software available, and much less expensive.

Also consider our stand-alone programs for ladders, leagues, matchups, mixers, rankings, ratings, and databases. These are designed to allow you to customize the applications to best meet your requirements. They will make your sports programs much easier to run. The extremely low prices hopefully will encourage you to try some programs now.

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